Amy Hamblin

A year in Paris, and I am overwhelmed with new visual information. I am lucky to have an artist residency at an art collaborative called 59 Rivoli, in central Paris, which is open to the public with as many as 2,000 guest per month! As a result, I have changed my work so far while here, focusing more on assemblages and collages with more limited depth; photogaphic, drawn, painted and hand cut images are sandwiched between layers of glass to create collages that are surprisingly dimensional and change as you move around the pieces.
In the first 3 months of my residency, I have worked on a series inspired by visits to the Museum of Surgical Tools, The Museum of Dolls (eerie and camp) and general photographs and drawings from wandering around Paris, as well as my usual interest in the natural sciences, and media. Works include drawings, collaged compositions, and most recently what I call "Melanges" which are several pieces irregularly threaded together by aesthetic and conceptual connections, to create large wall installations.