Amy Hamblin Art

The past year in Paris, and my Art Residency at 59 Rivoli, was inspiring and wonderful. Eye candy everywhere; the architecture, museums, street art... lovely.

I'm back in Seattle now, and back working in my studio at Ballardworks. Current works include a large two-panel, many layered piece depicting two lobes of a brain, inspired by the neuroscience research of a friend in Paris who is researching the effects of nicotine on the brain.

Also in the works are more of the Puppetmaster Series.

In Paris my work stretched into the realm of suspending several panels of imagery so that they overlapped and created a visual conversation as the viewer moved around the piece. As with my current Brain piece, I look forward to exploring that direction more. The image here is one of a series of shadow box multi-layered pieces.

I am also enjoying working with photography, working with details of my sculptures, playing with light and shadows, and manipulating some of them with digital tools.

Carpe Diem!